Originally from Brooklyn – Regina’s an idea Welcome to Regina’s. My son Roman and I would like to share with you a part of our history, a piece of our upbringing. We grew up in Brooklyn, with family-owned delis and pork stores serving home-cooked italian specialties and big, delicious sandwiches all around us. They were places where people from around the neighborhood of all different stripes would commune, laugh, eat, and love. These memories made us who we are.

When Roman told me he wanted to use his career and skills in marketing to bring the spirit of Brooklyn establishments to the Lower East Side, I insisted on being a part of it, we made it a family business and Regina’s Grocery was born. He designed the shop to remind him of the social clubs he spent time in growing up, and the mom-and pop stores where we would buy our groceries. He brought to Regina’s the energy he picked up from hanging out on the corners of Brooklyn and time spent with our colorful family.


Since then, we have enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the wonderful community we are a part of. We’ve made lots of friends in the neighborhood, who have helped us grow as a business, and who now feel like family. We have catered local shops, museums, and events, bringing the spirit of Regina’s with us.


All of our sandwiches– which use locally sourced charcuterie and imported italian ingredients– are named after our family members, some of whom are no longer with us, some of whom pop in from time to time, and whose faces decorate the walls of the shop. They capture the personalities of the people who they are named after, like Uncle John, a larger-than-life guy who had everything in the world, and Grandma Lucy, who was always elegant and tasteful. We invite you to come in and join the family.


You can almost always find me in the shop, cooking up hot food, like my famous meatballs and my vegan pasta fazioli, as well as caponata, broccoli rabe, and a rotating selection side dishes. We offer imported cookies, groceries, and snacks.


Come in, hang out, enjoy a delicious meal and laugh with us.


We look forward to seeing you,